Class of 2015 Council

  • Adviser: Jason Edwards & Gary Franklin
  • Student Leaders: Anna Baxter, Mary Kate Sandler, Anita Luxkaranayagam
  • Meeting Place and Time: B146 Tuesdays 6:50-7:15 AM

Class of 2016 Council

Class of 2017 Council

  • Adviser: Elizabeth Linfante & Nicole Vega
  • Student Leaders: Pres. Kevin Arthur, VP Jonathon Paez, Treas. Dylan Lew, Secretary Lucille Helgren
  • Meeting Place and Time: A205 Tuesday 6:50am – 7:15am

Class of 2018 Council

  • Adviser: Sara Brant & Dimitri Thornton
  • Student Leaders: Michael Arthur, Carson Miller, Bridget Morrissey, Janyce Toth, Kira Smith
  • Meeting Place and Time: F120 Tuesdays @ 2:10-3:00

Best Buddies

  • Adviser: Jill Gonski & Mimi Riccio
  • Student Leaders: Rachel Crosby, Ali Morrill, Kayla Kordish, Nick Roche, Dani Mola, Julie Smith, Kyle Stubbs and Owen Gray
  • Meeting Place and Time: A113 or Cafetorium Thursday 2-3:00

National Honor Society

  • Adviser: Tom Brant
  • Student Leaders: Pres. Anita Luxkaranayagam VP: Emily Campbell
  • Meeting Place and Time: Varies b/w LectureHall/Cafetorium 6:30-7:20 AM; 12:15-1 PM


  • Adviser: V. SHEEN, J. SWANN
  • Student Leaders: John Carlson, Mike Stierle, Forrest Weatherby, Brian Raab, Connor Lemay, Pat Briscoe, Liam McNichols, Connery Mayer
  • Meeting Place and Time: A112 Thursday 1st and 3rdof every month 2:05-3:00

Gay Straight Alliance

  • Adviser: Kristin English & Jim Rovello
  • Student Leaders: President: Nikole Giovannone Vice President: Ellie Nikitchyuk Secretary: Lilly Fulmer
  • Meeting Place and Time: B232 Wednesday 2:15-3:00

Hawks Honors Association

  • Adviser: Jennifer Hoag
  • Student Leaders: "President: Jessica Nguyen VP: Brooke Hadgraft"
  • Meeting Place and Time: F120 Thursday once a month 2:10

Future Teachers of America

  • Adviser: Kristin Violette
  • Student Leaders: President: Katie Barrett
  • Meeting Place and Time: A104 every other Friday 2:05-3:00

Debate Team

  • Adviser: Larry Saladin
  • Student Leaders: Kustav Mitra, Baxter Hankin
  • Meeting Place and Time: F122 Wednesday 2:00-3:30

Science Bowl Team

  • Adviser: C. CARLEY
  • Student Leaders: Trevor Nelson, Nathyn Horvath, Scott Alexander
  • Meeting Place and Time: F116 TBD, 2:15-3:30

Math Team

  • Adviser: K. BREMER, K. SHERMAN
  • Student Leaders: Abigail Kohler
  • Meeting Place and Time: F124 Wednesday 2:15-3:15 or Tuesdays as needed

Technology Team

  • Adviser: Staci Stamm
  • Student Leaders: Luke Gaynor, Devin Matte
  • Meeting Place and Time: C080 Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:05

AC4P (Actively Caring for People)

  • Adviser: Kristin Violette & Lisa Sheridan
  • Student Leaders: Katie Barrett and Kate Fallon
  • Meeting Place and Time: Every other Tuesday at 2:15-3:00 in A104 or A220

Anime Club

  • Adviser: Lori Hoagland
  • Student Leaders: Faith Pereira
  • Meeting Place and Time: F120, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

Asking for Treble (Girls A Cappella Group)

  • Adviser: Jane Matson
  • Student Leaders: Juliana Koziol, Kelsey Nicholson
  • Meeting Place and Time: C184A Ensemble Mondays & Wednesdays 2:15 - 3:30

Chess Club

  • Adviser: Dr. Steve Malary
  • Student Leaders: Hannah Bartlett, Zach Weiland
  • Meeting Place and Time: A203 Thursday 2:05-3:00

Feminism/Gender Equality

  • Adviser: Sayward Parsons
  • Student Leaders: Astrid Sundberg, Lily Holmes, Noelle Veillette
  • Meeting Place and Time: B236 every other Thursday 2:05-3:00

Global Voice

  • Adviser: Timothy DeJulio
  • Meeting Place and Time: B150 1st & 3rd Tuesday 2:10

Hemma (High School Elementary Musicianship Mentoring Association)

  • Adviser: Christopher Carley
  • Student Leaders: Richie Sadlon, Julia Preszler, Nathyn Horvath, Emma Tallon, Spohie Kennen.
  • Meeting Place and Time: F116 TBD, 2:15-3:15


  • Adviser: J. METZ
  • Meeting Place and Time: B262 Every 3rd Thursday 2:10-3:00

Meditation Club

  • Adviser: C. BRAINARD
  • Student Leaders: Chris Koch
  • Meeting Place and Time: Dance Studio Thursdays 2:05-3:05

Paintball Club

  • Adviser: J. ROVELLO
  • Student Leaders: President: Jon Vaughn, Co-President: Nick Snyder
  • Meeting Place and Time: B238 Friday 2:10-2:40

Peer Mediation

Quiz Bowl

  • Adviser: J. KAPLAN
  • Student Leaders: Brandon Smith, Michael Lally, Jeff Haylon
  • Meeting Place and Time: B230 Fridays 2:10-3:00

Reach Out

  • Adviser: Eric Ekman
  • Student Leaders: President - C.J. Landgrebe Vice President - Elise Johnson
  • Meeting Place and Time: A214, Tuesday, 2:10-3 PM

School Based Mentoring

Science Mentor Club

  • Adviser: Darryl Nicholson
  • Student Leaders: Baxter Hankin
  • Meeting Place and Time: A200 Thursday 2:15

Stock Market Club

  • Adviser: J. TOLSON
  • Student Leaders: Peter Winans, Matt Davis
  • Meeting Place and Time: Guidance conference rooms; day varies 2-2:30

Table Top Games Club

  • Adviser: Darryl Nicholson
  • Student Leaders: Joseph Elliott
  • Meeting Place and Time: A207 Alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:10

XY Chromotones

  • Adviser: Jane Matson
  • Student Leaders: Kyle Watson
  • Meeting Place and Time: C186 Mondays & Wednesdays 2:15-3:30

Fencing Club

  • Adviser: R. KIELY
  • Student Leaders: President, Ian Villamil Vice Pres. Jake Wilson Secretary, Sarah Bruno Treasurer, Justice Zoto
  • Meeting Place and Time: Every Tuesday in the Cafeteria 2:15-3:15

Animals Concerns

  • Adviser: Liza Zandonella
  • Student Leaders: Anna Baxter
  • Meeting Place and Time: LMC monthly, days vary 2:05-3:30

Art Club

  • Adviser: Carol Pelligra
  • Student Leaders: Halle Wilson
  • Meeting Place and Time: C183 Tuesday 2:15-3:15

Baking Beyond Boundaries

  • Adviser: Lori Hoagland
  • Student Leaders: Rachel Goldman and Liza Tananbaum
  • Meeting Place and Time: Culinary Bakeshop, 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month.

Book Club

Environmental Club

  • Adviser: Karolyn Baumgartner & Stephanie Ramsey
  • Student Leaders: Sophia Devivo, Kayleigh Granville, Sierra Toomey, Forest Speed
  • Meeting Place and Time: A202 Tuesdays 2:10 - 3:10

Film Production Club

  • Adviser: Staci Stamm
  • Student Leaders: President –Boris Kudlac Vice President – Brandon Johnson
  • Meeting Place and Time: C080 Wednesday 2:05-3:30 PM

French Club

  • Adviser: JEN DAVIDSON
  • Student Leaders: Lydia Field Natalie Zimmerman
  • Meeting Place and Time: B252 every other Thursday

Improv Club

  • Adviser: K. ENGLISH
  • Student Leaders: President – Cal Creeden Vice President – Sean Dalton Secretary – Stephen Haas
  • Meeting Place and Time: B232 Thursday 2:05-3:00


  • Adviser: B. NICHOLS
  • Student Leaders: Adam Manes
  • Meeting Place and Time: Field Hockey Field or Tennis Courts, Fridays 2:10-3:00

Latin Club

  • Adviser: JEN HUETTNER
  • Student Leaders: Ashley Gong
  • Meeting Place and Time: B254 Wednesdays 2:05-3:00PM

Milk & Cookies

  • Adviser: Brett Nichols
  • Meeting Place and Time: B150 Thursday 2:10-3:00

Nice Club/AFS Club

Peer Leadership

  • Adviser: V. SHEEN & Brett Nichols
  • Student Leaders: Connery Mayer & Jason Ferrari
  • Meeting Place and Time: B150 Monday 3rd & 4th of each month 2:10-3:00

3D Printer Club

  • Adviser: Erik Holst-Grubbe
  • Student Leaders: Dave Corsi
  • Meeting Place and Time: A114 Wednesdays 2:00

Roast: NHS'S Literary Magazine

  • Adviser: S. PARSONS

S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

  • Meeting Place and Time: C181 Tuesday 2:10

Spanish Club

  • Adviser: J. KENNY
  • Student Leaders: Kiera Elkow, Elisha Wilson
  • Meeting Place and Time: B258 Friday 2:15-3:15

Student Government

  • Adviser: J. DELLASALA & Larry Saladin
  • Student Leaders: President - Julia Trudell, VP - Siena Cicarelli, Treasurer - Vikram Makayee, Secretary - Eli Klorczyk
  • Meeting Place and Time: B150 Wednesday 5:30-6:30

Italian Club

  • Adviser: L. BATTISTI
  • Student Leaders: President - Max Galassi
  • Meeting Place and Time: B244 Wednesday or as needed 2:15-3:15

Leo Club

  • Adviser: E. HANNA
  • Student Leaders: President: Samantha Lotko
  • Meeting Place and Time: B260 Tuesdays at 2:00-2:30

Forestry Club

  • Adviser: G. BACHMAN, F. GEORGINA
  • Student Leaders: Billy Cosgrove, Izzy Russo
  • Meeting Place and Time: C096 or A207 Wednesday 2:15-3:00